Thursday, July 15, 2010

apartment updates {dining room}

Our dining room continues to be a work in progress... it feels like every day I move something around to see if it will work. This week I decided to try the ladder shelving that was in our office as a place to hold dishes, linens, wine, etc. in place of the small side table I bought for bar space (I decided it was too small on top and moved our 'bar' to the sideboard instead). I like that the ladder is a little unexpected (it needs to be 'styled up' a bit) while adding some height. Instead of dressing up my white linen drapes I've decided to leave them as is for now - they're very light and airy, which I love. I painted the front panels on the sideboard a shade darker than the walls (the entire thing WILL get painted eventually) and now I'm on the lookout for some sexy hardware to dress it up. Our craigslist table is serving it's purpose, but I'd love to buy something more modern down the road like the parsons dining table (in polished white, of course) from West Elm. Overall the space still lacks a little color, but I know some flowers, new accessories and maybe a fun new lamp will help with that.

upcoming projects:
  • paint our sad little office chairs (bottom image)
  • make office pillows with the green + white fretwork fabric I ordered
  • paint the back of the shelving in our entryway
  • paint the raised panel between the windows in our kitchen with chalkboard paint
  • hang more artwork (we finally ordered more pictures this week yay!)
Hoping to accomplish at least some of this over the weekend...

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