Wednesday, August 18, 2010

cocktail hour {mojitonico}

My good friend C.F. was traveling in Chicago last week and was gracious enough to pass on this drink idea from the Chicago Tribune for this week's cocktail hour. I know that not everyone is a fan of mojitos, but fresh mint is on of my absolute favorite things so I love them. I don't have the exact recipe (just a little blurb below) but it's pretty self explanatory and sounds about perfect. C.F. - I think these should be your "plan A" for labor day weekend.


"The Mojitonico is 'a menage a trois of a great G&T, a mojito and an herb salad,' Seger says. It combines dry gin, mint, lime and tonic water, along with cucumber, my favorite garnish for a G&T. The mint and lime are muddled, mojito-style, but the drink is finished with tonic water — arguably more refreshing than soda. The finishing touch is a sugar cane swizzle stick to stir the cucumber and mint with the rest." - Laura Viera, Chicago Tribune

image :: labor of love

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