Monday, August 2, 2010

effortless style

i have become a fan of pretty little liars, mostly due to the fact that there really isn't much on tv this summer, besides the typical reality shows, but also because it kind of brings me back to memories of when i was in high school. the similarities really stop there because pretty little liars is completely different from my experience in high school, beginning with the clothing. on the show, you have four characters, each of whom have their own style (preppy, tomboyish, bohemian, and the non-risk taking fashionista), but each sense of style really suits the characters. my favorite one on the show is aria, played by lucy hale, who is probably the biggest risk taker out of all the characters. by combining edgy jewelry with ladylike print dresses and motorcycle boots, she really shows that she has a major grasp on style.

there is also a full feature on lucy hale at whowhatwear if you're interested in reading more about this new actress.

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