Wednesday, September 8, 2010

home tour {designer lindsey bond}

I'm obsessed with designer Lindsey Bond's bright, modern and chic 1950's Birmingham, Alabama, cottage (featured in the new October issue of House Beautiful). I love the palette and how she's cleverly installed wall mounted shelves in several places to eliminate the need for a lot of bulky furniture. Also, the drapery is the same throughout, which Lindsey says, "adds softness and height, but also creates order through repetition." I love how she's used the curtains in other places besides the windows - to frame the living room/dining room, hide her closet door and to create a more modern take on a canopy.

photographs by Jonny Valiant for HB
interior design by Lindsey Bond

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Bromeliad said...

I loved that house, too. Thanks for the images. I may "borrow" one.