Thursday, July 22, 2010

interior details {stairs}

Stairs can be a beautiful design feature . I'm dying to do something fun (and super easy/affordable) to the stairs in our apartment, like wallpaper, stencil or paint the risers, but I don't think our landlord would appreciate it very much. When I own a home someday (or hopefully start designing other people's homes!) I'll definitely be getting creative with the staircases and other forgotten elements (ceilings, closets, etc). I love the details too much not to.

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liz noonan said...

I love this! We painted our stairs black last year and it looks great....we are considering painting something cool on our front stairs...this is great inspiration!

Lisa said...

Hello! I just found your blog via flickr (was looking for pics of the diamond Dash and Albert rug). Great blog with tons of inspiration!

We ripped up the carpet on our stairs and painted them bright white. Now, with the addition of a dog, we have to look for an awesome stair runner.

Lindsey said...

thanks for visiting!! Lisa - I LOVE my Dash and Albert rugs and would definitely recommend them (especially the diamond one!)